Couples Coaching

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Embark on a journey of connection and growth with our couples life coaching sessions. I'm here to guide both you and your partner through the complexities of your relationship, fostering strength, health, and fulfillment.

What to Expect:

  • Partnership Guidance: As your experienced and certified life coach, I work with both partners to navigate relationship dynamics.

  • Communication Enhancement: Identify patterns, triggers, and dynamics causing conflict, and work on healthy communication skills.

Navigating Together:

  • Expressing Needs Safely: Through active listening and open communication, we create a safe space for expressing needs, wants, and concerns.

  • Vision Building: Develop healthy communication skills, set clear boundaries, and establish a shared vision for your future.

Tailored Approach:

  • Unique to You: Coaching sessions are customized to the unique needs and preferences of each couple.

  • Varied Techniques: Utilize approaches like Emotionally Focused Therapy, the Gottman Method, and Imago Relationship Therapy for comprehensive support.

Transformational Benefits:

  • Increased Connection: Experience heightened emotional connection.

  • Enhanced Skills: Develop improved conflict resolution skills.

  • Renewed Commitment: Rediscover trust and commitment in your relationship.

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Once a Month
  • Monthly couples session for understanding and connection.

  • Strengthen communication and relationship bonds.

  • Collaborative work on challenges.

    $620.00 per session

Twice a Month
  • Bi-weekly couples sessions for more consistent support.

  • Accelerated progress in strengthening communication and bonds.

  • Collaborative problem-solving for relationship maintenance.

  • Enhanced tools for a harmonious relationship.

  • Save money with a reduced rate for committing to twice a month.

    $1124.00 per month