Co-Parenting Coaching

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Struggling with co-parenting? Let me help.

Are you finding it challenging to communicate effectively with your co-parent? Our Co-Parenting Life Coaching Sessions are designed to guide you through the complexities of co-parenting, fostering a healthy and effective relationship.

Tailored Support:

  • Sessions are customized to your unique situation.

  • A supportive, non-judgmental space to express concerns and find solutions.

Culturally Inclusive Approach:

  • Recognizing diverse family structures, parenting styles, and communication.

  • Respectful and constructive resolution of conflicts.

Empower Your Co-Parenting:

  • Develop effective communication strategies.

  • Set boundaries and navigate conflicts positively.

Transformative Results:

  • Gain skills to overcome co-parenting challenges.

  • Improve your relationship with your co-parent.

  • Create a positive co-parenting environment for your children.

Ready to take the first step? Contact us today to schedule your initial free consultation today and begin building a healthy and effective co-parenting relationship.


Once a Month
  • Monthly specialized session for shared parenting.

  • Navigate co-parenting challenges with empathy.

  • Establish effective communication strategies.

    $620.00 per session

Twice a Month
  • Bi-weekly specialized co-parenting sessions for more consistent support.

  • Regular focus on effective communication and shared goals.

  • Ongoing work on creating a positive environment for children.

  • Enhanced progress with more frequent sessions.

  • Save money with a reduced rate for committing to twice a month.

    $1124.00 per month